Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men

Last year my brother-in-law and husband took time out of their busy lives and, at the pleas of their wives, brained stormed up a somewhat generic, but sure to be a hit stocking stuffer list for men!

  1. Movie theater-sized box of candy
  2. Gift cards in smaller denominations to their favorite fast food restaurants {guiltless bachelor eating when you're out of town or when they "forget" to pack a lunch}
  3. Program their phone to remind them of important days a few days before the event {they want to be your prince, so help them succeed}
  4. Shoe shine kit. All out fancy, or just a Kiwi Express Shine {keep their kicks looking classy}
  5. Air freshener that doesn't make their car smell like a girl {Scentsy has some that the girl in their life can still live with}
  6. Snazzy socks {they recommend some hearty argyle--making desk jobs more fun}
  7. Movie tickets {for a date with you, or a shoot 'em up with the boys}
  8. New set of pliers {needle nose got voted "most likely to have disappeared the past year"}
  9. A 12 pack of their favorite soda {forgo the stocking and sit this one on the hearth}
  10. Hair paste/product {they don't want to be girlie, but they need good stuff for their 'do}
  11. Box of candy bars {think Costco or Sam's Club sized, and watch their will-power put to the limit}
  12. Hat with their favorite team's logo {beanie or baseball, they aren't too picky}
  13. Pack of razor blades, fancy or just their regular brand {for smooth kissing at New Year's}
  14. Small LED keychain flashlight {for seeing the lock at night or finding hidden treasures beneath the sofa}
  15. Can of Easy Cheese and crackers {because they are so deprived now that they're married}
  16. Gloves for whatever they're into {batting | gardening | nice leather driving gloves | golfing | nitrile coated for odd jobs}
  17. A can of nuts {no peanuts please. Pistachios got a hearty endorsement, but they aren't too picky}
  18. Car wash tokens or punch pass
This was lifted straight from Deidra's blog with a few changes made.

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