Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cookie & Milk Tasting Party

We threw together a last minute Christmas party over the weekend--and I think it is a keeper--our newest tradition if you will. The idea came from here and I used the cookie exchange tags for the invitation and cookie identification.

The invite was emailed out:
Because it was last minute I had low expectations, but knew there would be competition and the winner would expect a prize. So I used my Silhouette and a plate I picked up on clearance at TJ Maxx to make this trophy:

I used a tag from the cookie exchange and changed the words to make it a Santa's cookie plate. I love how it turned out!

We had milk, chocolate milk and egg nog to drink and five different types of cookies to choose from.

Cookie 1: Easy Shortbread cookies
Cookie 2: Triple Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal cookies
Cookie 3: I don't know the official name, but it was a chocolate cookie with a Rolo inside
Cookie 4: Grandma Mackay's Christmas cookie
Cookie 5: Soft Molasses cookies

Everyone took the job of tasting very seriously, and it was fun to hear the different opinions of the cookies.

My brother-in-law's cookie--his grandma's special Christmas cookie-- won by a point! And chocolate milk came out the clear winner in the milk department.

Do you host a yearly Christmas Party?

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deidra said...

It was a good party. And what nicely staged photos you have.