Monday, November 15, 2010

Stars: Thinking Fall

I have a feeling these jumping cups will be used to pass many hours this winter.

Do you know you need to be better at keeping track of special dates? Jot them down on this pretty birthday calender and you'll want to hang it where everyone can see.

It's tradition after Thanksgiving dinner in our family to have the ladies inside crafting and the men outside shooting skeet. These flowers would make a great project for this year.

It is officially cold--I'm having to get used to scraping the windshield before leaving. Which means soups are wiggling their way onto the menu.

Am excited to make these bonnets for our Joy School Thanksgiving feast.

Image found her.

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deidra said...

On Sunday I got asked what our Thanksgiving traditions were. The man asking turned his nose up at the women crafting, but was quite impressed with the skeet shooting. I think it's the perfect balance for a stuffed and lazy afternoon.